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4 Ways To Care For Your Self To Ensure Weight Loss Success

Whether you’re just starting on your journey to a healthier you, have already taken the steps towards a procedure like balloon weight loss or have already undergone bariatric surgery, you have probably realized that taking care of yourself is key to your health and success. However, if you haven’t realized it yet, now is the time…

Maybe you spend all of your time caring for and looking after others, leaving scraps of time for yourself, if any at all. Have you thought about how that may have contributed to (or is contributing to) your weight difficulties and perhaps suboptimal health? Have you considered how by taking better care of yourself, you’ll be better adept at caring for others plus provide a healthier example to those around you? By caring for yourself in the sense of taking the steps towards weight loss, you’ll not only be thinner but healthier, stronger, more energetic and likely happier. Balloon weight loss and other procedures can help in achieving a healthier weight, however, if you don’t continue to the process of self care, it’s easy to revert back to old habits of neglecting your health and likely your weight.4 Ways To Care For Your Self To Ensure Weight Loss Success


A lot of focus is placed on the idea of self-care these days, particularly as it relates to those who spend their time caring for others such as mothers, fathers, and other caregivers. I believe it is a healthy and useful awareness that can lead to an improved quality of life and development of inner peace and happiness. In this chaotic society where unimportant things somehow get prioritized as urgent too often, we could all use a little more peace and self-care, don’t you think? Instead of just surviving, we need to be thriving!

Just think about it… how can you help others when you, yourself are running on fumes?  Everyone benefits if we take care of ourselves because it frees up a greater reservoir of emotional and physical resources for ourselves AND others.

Here’s how to set yourself up for success:


  1. Have a Little Compassion – We all have regrets but give yourself a break. Mistakes are meant to be learning experiences. You can allow those regrettable experiences, big or small indefinitely plague you with guilt keep you down OR you can let it fuel your determination to make better decisions in the future. If you keep beating yourself up about things you get no-where. Why let those poor decision define you? Shrug it off, give yourself a little love and get back on the horse for bigger and better things. By having a generous spirit towards yourself, you can calmly and honestly assess how contributing factors, such as fatigue, stress, anger, etc… may be influencing things. Then you can more adequately recognize what may help you make better decisions in the future. You can turn that regretted decision into empowerment. Multiple things in life benefit from this rule but weight loss especially. Your journey to weight loss success will be peppered with temptation, you’ll win some and you’ll lose some but success is only forfeited if you don’t get back on track. So if you do find yourself regretting that little (or big) indulgence, forgive yourself, get over it and get re-focused on your goals.
  2. Be Honest – Admitting that many aspects in life are difficult can help you face it head on and avoid the pitfalls of disillusionment and depression. Weight loss is not easy. Life is not easy and you will not always have the support or energy to fly through obstacles like you’d like to. So being honest with yourself can help you prepare for hard times and validate the pain and frustration you may be experiencing. Like I mentioned above, have compassion on yourself and be your best support when you can’t seem to find it from others.
  3. Be Your Best Friend – Support from others is awesome but not always there. You, however, are. Be your best support system, commit to being your own cheerleader and confidant. If you go through balloon weight loss or any other program to lose weight or take care of yourself in any other way, you need you. So often we think being our worst critic helps us try harder… WRONG! We need to be our best friend and stop fretting when others aren’t always there to support us because let’s face it, no matter how awesome your friends and loved ones are, they can’t be there for you ALL the time, not the way you can.
  4. Count Your Blessings – I know you’ve heard it before and it may seem remedial but it’s really true and really paramount to getting through obstacles in life, including the ones you’ll encounter when going through your weight loss journey. Life is hard, it will have struggles, heartaches, disappointment, inconsistencies and be down right not fair BUT there are beautiful aspects of life and those who learn to focus on those things will always find ways to keep going and succeed. Humor yourself and just try it on those crappy, “things can’t get any worse days”…over and over count even the tiniest of benefits (even if it’s just the air you are breathing), give yourself a little love and keep going…


Loving and caring for yourself is not selfish, it actually helps you love others more and it has been proven time and time again to increase energy, provide inner peace, reduce stress hormones, increase life expectancy and add a little pep in your step. Success in anything including weight loss will be multiplied if you invest in caring for yourself.

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4 Ways To Care For Your Self To Ensure Weight Loss Success
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4 Ways To Care For Your Self To Ensure Weight Loss Success
Whether you’re just starting your journey or in the middle of getting to a healthier you, you have realized that taking care of yourself is key to your success.
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