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Apps for Weight Loss Success

Apps for Weight Loss Success

If you’re like me you probably have more apps than you need but a weight loss/fitness app can be a vital part to your success if you’re trying lose weight and live a healthier life. With more than a third of American adults identified as obese and 77% of the adult population with smartphones, diet trackers and fitness apps are a no brainer in our society. But with upwards of 20,000 apps that aim to help you lose weight and boost fitness how do you choose?! I was seriously overwhelmed at first but you don’t have to be. Here I’ve listed out a few of the top rated fitness and diet apps that have helped MILLIONS of others.


Lose It! uses the time-tested calorie tracking method to help with weight loss and maintenance. With your unique profile details and goal weight, they calculate a daily calorie budget that will help you best attain your goal in a healthy manner. After that, you simply track your food, weight, and activity on a regular basis. It’s popular and extremely easy to use.

This app uses an extensive database equipped with a handy barcode scanner that scans prepackaged foods with your smartphone. You can also log in foods by simply taking a photo! It can also connect with fitness trackers like the Fitbit products, Misfit trackers, Google Fit, and many more. You can even create games and challenges for yourself, with friends or other user of the LoseIt! community.

Other features include meal targets, meal planning and feedback regarding patterns and even personal insights you can input to help identify what’s helping or hurting your progress. The app is free but has upgrades that provide additional help for a fee. Apparently premium members report three times as much weight loss as those of users who do not pay anything. That could also be a result of a higher level of commitment, if you pay for something, you’re more likely to really use it.

Learn more about the Loseit! app at


As part of the UnderArmour kingdom, MyFitnessPal is one of, if not the most popular health and fitness app. Similar to the Loseit! app, MyFitnessPal uses calorie counting as its foundation and boasts the largest food database, including global items, cuisines and countless restaurant menu items. After creating a simple profile with current weight, activity level and goals, it will formulate an appropriate daily calorie budget to help you get to your weight loss goal in certain time frame.

In addition to just tracking calories, MyFitnessPal keeps track of your water intake, macronutrient intake, cardio and strength exercises. It will also sync to other fitness devices such as  Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Misfit, and several more, more than fifty total. The steps from these devices automatically upload to the app and figure into your calorie budget for the day.

Their extensive community helps with motivation and support with stories, pictures and tips. Newsfeed updates and charts keep track of your progress and allows you to share them others, adding accountability to the support the community can provide.

You can learn more about MyFitnessPal at


Another 5 star fitness app is SparkPeople. SparkPeople has helped millions of people reach their goals with customized workout and meal plans, essentially acting as a personal diet and lifestyle coach. The app includes a calorie counter with a large database, a barcode scanner and it’s meal planner offers additional help by creating customized meal plans based on your food preferences and goals.

Their fitness tracker tracks cardio and strength exercises, including reps and sets while also providing short demos to help users avoid injuries and get the most out of their exercise. SparkPeople has a wealth of articles and nutritious recipes from dietitians, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches to help guide weight loss and healthier living. Numerous fitness devices such as FitBit, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Garmin and many more also sync up with the SparkPeople app helping keep everything in one place.

Motivation and support is provided by their worldwide community, dietitians, personal trainers and other experts. Their website is full of articles, recipes, advice, motivational stories and exercise demos.

For more information on SparkPeople, check them out at


Advertised as “The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need”, Noom helps users attain health goals through a proven psychology-based approach that helps identify thought patterns and emotional triggers that may be contributing to health obstacles. By focusing on habits and belief systems, Noom aims to help users transform their lifestyle by not only creating a custom diet and fitness plan but by also changing the way they think and see things. Their approach teaches users to identify mental roadblocks and control triggers in order “trick” their body into adopting healthier habits so they lose weight faster and “for good”.

Like other fitness and diet apps, there is an extensive database of foods to help track calories as well as log exercise and even blood pressure and blood glucose. The team of experts include physicians, nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers who provide feedback and help design customized plans to achieve short and long term goals while a robust community provides support and encouragement. The app also comes supplied with endless articles, tips, recipes, a barcode scanner and even a battery-friendly pedometer to track your steps.

To learn more about Noom, check them out at

Honestly, they’re all pretty impressive and very helpful to say the least. Do yourself a huge favor and pick one of them. If you’ve invested in yourself by have gastric balloon procedure or other weight loss procedure, don’t pass on one of these essential tools to help you lose the weight, keep it off and live healthier for the rest of your life. You are worth it!

“We live in the information age, but information is not always enough. Apps are something bigger than ourselves, allowing for a sense of community, recognition, accomplishment and sharing… Having a weight-loss app on your phone is like having a string around your finger reminding you to act,” said lifestyle expert Jeff Halevy, former Today Show fitness correspondent.

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