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What is it?

AspireAssist is a reversible weight loss surgery that utilizes a port to empty the contents of the stomach after a meal is ingested. Under sedation, a small incision is made in the skin and a tube is  placed through the stomach via an endoscope out to the opening made in the skin. A port valve that lies flush against the skin attaches to the tube and allows the stomach contents to be emptied after meals.

How does it work?

Twenty to thirty minutes after consuming a meal, an individual attaches an external device that opens the port valve and drains the stomach’s contents into a toilet. Emptying takes approximately 5-10 minutes. On average, 30% of a meal’s calories will be removed with the device. With AspireAssist, an individual can still eat what he/she wants, but remove a third of the calories before they are absorbed.

Who is it for?

AspireAssist is marketed to adults with a BMI between 35 and 55, who have had difficulty losing a significant amount of weight or maintaining weight loss through diet and exercise alone. Lower BMIs may be considered if certain obesity related medical conditions exist, for example, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Average Weight Loss

By month six, most individuals have lost on average 40% of their excess weight. There is wide variance among patients since the AspireAssist is not as restrictive as other weight loss procedures and much control is left to the individual.

Average Cost

On average the AspireAssist costs around $10,000, not including any facility fees for the placement procedure. Health insurance does not typically cover this procedure.