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Learning to Eat Slowly

S.L.O.W.I.N.G.  D.O.W.N…

Learning to Eat Slowly with Your Gastric Balloon

Along with eating smaller portions, learning to eat slowly will set you on the right track to weight loss and long-term healthy living. You’ll learn quickly that having a gastric balloon in your stomach keeps you from eating too quickly. If you don’t take it slow and let food digest, it will be coming right back up!  The gastric balloon not only helps you lose weight by eating less but by learning to eat slower you’ll also be more aware of when your stomach is full. Long-term, this will help prevent overeating even when you no longer have the balloon. The more effort you place in focusing on eating slower, the more likely it will become a habit. And that is the main goal.

Here are few tips that will help you learn to eat slower:

  • Chew your food to about applesauce consistency
  • After the liquids-only stage, start with foods like cottage cheese and scrambled eggs
  • Start with eating about 2 tablespoons every 10 minutes until your meal is gone
  • When you move up to solids, take bites the size of a chicklet or piece of gum
  • Use smaller utensils, like a salad fork or baby spoon
  • Put down your utensils in between bites
  • Use salad plates or saucers to keep your portions small
  • Can’t sit? Don’t eat! Sitting helps you focus on chewing without distractions
  • When eating with others focus on the conversation and their company
  • Take time to enjoy the taste and texture of foods, experience them like you haven’t before

This is the beginning of your new life! It’s a new way to eat and a new way to live. Here’s to you and a healthier new lifestyle!! You CAN do it!