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Trouble losing weight? This might be why

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Some people find it harder to lose weight than others, but why is this? A new study has identified a molecule in fat cells that could be to blame.

Researchers found that the fat cells of people who are obese show higher expression of a molecule called lysyl oxidase (LOX).

LOX is associated with fibrosis, or “scarring,” of fat tissue, which, as previous research has shown, can hamper weight loss efforts.

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San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Practice Helps Patients Lose Weight With First Swallowable Gastric Balloon

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As the year turns and resolutions begin to take shape, weight loss is at the forefront of many minds—whether it be to better fit into clothes, offset the risk of health problems, or simply feel better. Unfortunately, losing weight through diet and exercise alone can be challenging for many. While an excellent option for some, alternate weight loss solutions like bariatric surgery are not typically appropriate for patients who don’t need to lose a significant amount of weight. For these patients, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre (LJCSC) is proud to offer the Obalon Balloon System.

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5 Types Of Weight-Loss Surgery You Need To Know About

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Balloon Weight Loss

When bariatric surgery was first conceived, its primary purpose was just to help people lose weight. Today, we know it does that—but also so much more. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, more than 200,000 people underwent weight-loss surgery in 2016, and for many, the benefits were likely far-reaching.

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ReShape Lifesciences Announces Coverage of Dual Balloon

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“Obesity is an epidemic with a global economic impact of over $2 trillion, and obese adults spend over 40% more on healthcare than those at a healthy weight,” said Dan Gladney, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of ReShape Lifesciences. “More and more employers are understanding that the welfare and productivity of their companies and their ability to control corporate costs are tied to the health of their workers. We are so excited for ReShape Lifesciences to be recognized as part of the solution for this large corporate entity and we will continue to leverage favorable coverage determinations such as this one to both direct our marketing activities and to obtain additional corporate coverage decisions for our products.”

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Ways to Turn Your Weight Loss Resolution into a Reality

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If you have a lot of weight to lose in the New Year, it may feel like an insurmountable challenge, especially if you have struggled with weight loss before. Here are a few ways to turn your resolution into a reality.

Get Moving

These are more ways than ever to get moving these days — from video games that encourage movement to online portals that allow users to try out different local exercise classes commitment-free.

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Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?

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We all know about the myriad of procedures used to restore a more youthful facial appearance, but metabolically there is a danger far worse than a few wrinkles or frown lines—it’s the issue of weight gain. For some, dietary and nutritional changes can maintain a balance, but for those that are severely overweight, bariatric surgery may be their key to leading a happier, healthier life.

The bariatric surgery approach is a proven, well-documented method that both saves and changes lives—but is it for you? When deciding if bariatric surgery is the right choice, know that the team of bariatric surgery experts at University of Miami Hospital has received the Healthgrades Bariatric Surgery Excellence Award for six years in a row, being recognized in the top five percent of bariatric surgery programs in the nation.


Balloon in a capsule helps patients lose nearly twice as much weigh

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Patients with obesity who swallowed gas-filled balloon capsules designed to help them eat less, lost 1.9 times more weight than patients who relied on diet, exercise and lifestyle therapy alone, according to new research presented today at ObesityWeek 2016. “The significant weight loss achieved with the Obalon 6-Month Balloon System is maintained at 12 months,”

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ZMD Center’s Dietitians

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ZMD Center for Face & Body is excited to be the first in Tampa to offer the FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved 3-balloon system for weight loss.

Brian K. Zebrowski, MD FACS is committed to the health and well-being of his patients through a team approach that includes weight loss surgery, diet, exercise, and educational support. Dr. Zebrowski is a firm believer that the goal of weight loss surgery is long-term success, not just surgery. He firmly believes that individualized patient care is of paramount importance.

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Considering weight loss surgery? BMC has you covered.

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Considering weight loss surgery?

If you or someone you know struggles with obesity, you understand the struggles of endless weight loss programs that have shown no results, exhaustion from small tasks and the increase of various health risks due to weight.

The Weight Loss Surgery Program at Boston Medical Center offers several procedures for managing weight and weight related health problems. Typically, patients with a BMI greater than 40 can qualify.

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Weight Loss: Get the skinny on ReShape

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For a good number of individuals, one or a combination of these measures are helping them lose weight and keep it off. But for far more people, these efforts are ineffective or even unhealthy. Why aren’t these traditional methods working? For the simple reasons that they rely heavily on will power and resolve (resources that can be tough to maintain over the long run), some involve severe, unsustainable restrictions and, most important of all, they rarely address the complex range of behaviors that lead to weight gain.

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