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Size Does Matter In Weight Loss

When it comes to eating healthy and losing weight, what you eat matters but the size of your portions may be even more important. When it comes to portions, size does matter.

Size matters especially if you have had a balloon weight loss procedure or considering one. How much you eat at a time will not only make a difference in how much weight you lose but in how you’ll feel afterwards.

Eating too much at one time will make anyone uncomfortable but when you have a balloon in your stomach, that discomfort can be very unpleasant and accompanied by nausea, vomiting and bloating.

If you haven’t realized it yet, eating is so much more than just getting nutrients to survive. For humans eating is very mental and emotional. When you realize this, you’ll realize you have the power to control your eating habits rather than letting them control you.

Take portion sizes for example… studies show that just by putting your food on a smaller plate, you’ll still feel satisfied and serve yourself 10% less than if you ate of a larger plate. 10% can add up to hundreds of calories less a day!

Seriously, if you put the same amount of food on a large plate and a small plate, you’ll see how much more satisfying the smaller plate looks. The large plate, however, has empty spots on it making your mind think you’re eating a very small amount and therefore, you’re likely to still be hungry and go back for seconds or find something else to eat.

Just think of all the psychology and mental tricks advertisers do to get you to eat. Vibrant colors, large pictures, descriptive words and numerous other tricks are used to entice your senses. There is a reason your mouth waters when certain commercials come on or you think of how a specific food makes you feel. Well, you can use those same types of tricks to help you feel more satisfied with healthier foods and portions sizes.

You may not think you can be fooled but evidence shows that the brain can be tricked and if it’s a goal of yours to lose weight and adopt healthier eating habits, why not try it? You have nothing to lose, except weight and poor eating habits.

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