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Texas Gastric Balloon Weight Loss

Texas is the largest of the connected 48 states and the second largest of all 50 U.S. states. The current population of Texas is 28,449,186 and will continue to grow. With Texas’s job availability and price of living, people are moving to Texas from all over to take advantage of the amazing opportunities. As people continue to move to Texas they are falling in love with everything the state has to offer, ranging from views to people to community and food. Texas is no exception to the amazing southern food you hear about from around the country. But this amazing food comes with at a hefty cost; In 2014 Texas was listed as the 11th state in the United stated with a 31.9% Adult Obesity rate. Along with the rest of the country, Texans are getting heavier and heavier.

Well don’t worry, Balloon Weight is here to help. We are informing everyone about the different weight loss options you have and even helping put you in contact with doctors in your area. If you are not seeing a doctor close to you, please feel free to contact us and we will find one for you. New doctors are being added daily to reach our goal to have the largest bariatric surgeons list in the country.

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